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In response to the changing consumptionpattern, Stream of Wisdom [SOW] Language Center officially launched an onlineshopping platform in May 2019, allowing customers to purchase various languagecourses, language textbooks and rent classroom services through shopline. Avariety of payment methods allow customers to complete the purchase process inthe ‘simplest’, ‘most convenient’ and ‘fastest’ way, where the tittle of theshopline name comes from, SOW EASY STORE. 


Stream of Wisdom [SOW] Language Center


SOW Language Center was established inDecember 1999 and has obtained the registration number of the Education Bureau.It demonstrates that we are a language school which values language andcultural education.


We understand that language is a tool for conveyingideas and an indispensable part of cultural exchange. To master a language, weneed to experience and try to understand the related culture, not only learningin classroom.


With the joining of tutors and accumulationof teaching experience, the number of language courses available for enrolmenthas increased to 11 languages, which includes: Cantonese, Putonghua, English,Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Thai and Arabic.


Stream of Wisdom Publishing House


Stream of Wisdom Publishing was establishedin 2011, which is the publishing department of Stream of Wisdom Languagecenter.


In view of the fact that Stream of Wisdom, whichestablished in Hong Kong to serve students coming from different countries, haslong been committed to promoting foreign language education, especially providingthe foreign language for Japanese living in Hong Kong. It has won unanimouspraise. From the continuous teaching process and the feedback from students, itis known that the textbooks on the market are not fully in line with student need.Therefore, a publishing department was set up to develop teaching materials tomeet the rising demand for language learning.


In addition to publishing a series ofCantonese language learning books for foreigners, Stream of Wisdom Languagecenter issues a multi-national graphic dictionary and QR CODE for readers tolisten instantly. Readers can listen to authentic language pronunciation by scanningthe QR code, easily learning foreign languages anytime anywhere.