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Terms and Conditions

Stream of Wisdom Language Center CompanyLimited. (hereinafter refferred to as ‘owe’ or the company’). We own andoperate the website referred to as ‘this website’ or ‘our site’). Our site provides aconventient way for customers to purchase our products online (hereinafterrefferred to as ‘services’). Please read these terms carefully before usingthis website. By using this website, you agree to be bound by the followingterms and conditions and admited you to read all the terms. We may update theseterms and conditions from time to time withut notices. The revised terms willbe effect from the date of publication.


1.     Registration


1.1       You should register with thecompany when using the service or making an order. By registration, you declarethat (and the Company has the right to rely on the relevant statement) that youare aged 18 years or above and capable of forming a legally binding contract.


1.2       You must provide true,accurate, up-to-date and complete information during registration, users shouldinform us immedately if there is any changes in the information. We reserve theright to suspend or terminate your registration if we have reasonable groundsto suspect that any information is false, inaccurate, not up to date or incomplete.



2             Order books


2.1       When you make an order, you arepurchasing the products from the Company at the specified price of the product.Once the order is submitted, you may not cancel the order, even if we have notaccepted or rejected your order.


2.2       The Company will send email toconfirm your order once your order is accepted.



2.3       The inventory status of theproduct will be displayed online and updated regularly by the company. However,you must not rely on the online statement as exact statement that the productyou intend to purchase does have an inventory.


2.4       We reserve the right, in oursole discretion to reject or cancel orders for any reason, including but notlimited to: (i) the products you ordered do not have sufficient stock; (ii)failing to arrange delivery for the area you specified; or (iii) The priceindicated on one or more of the products you ordered is incorrect  due to human or computer error.



2.5       If we cancel your order, wewill notify you about the refund by email.



2.     Classroom rental




3.1  Approved applications are not transferable to other individuals orgroups unless there is any written agreement published by the company.



3.2  All orders will be sent to you for a successful or failed appointmentby email. You must apply for and finish the full venue payment at least threeworking days before. Signed “Classroom Tenancy Terms and Code Agreement” mustbe shown to our staff on the day of appointment before using it.




3.3  All activities must be supervised by at least one adult. Theclassroom is not allowed to eat, drink, smuggle, or any illegal use. Users mustwear appropriate clothing.




3.4  We reserve the right to enter the event venue to ensure that userscomply with the site rental conditions and codes. In the event of dangerousactivities, misconduct or nuisance to other persons, we reserve the right toterminate the use of the classroom immediately and the fees paid will not berefunded.




3.5  Please keep your personal belongings carefully. If there is any missing,the company will not be responsible.




3.6   If the applicant groupcancels the application at any time, all paid fees will not be refunded.




3.7   Wereserve the right to cancel accepted applications for special circumstancesor unforeseen reasons. (such as power outages, noise from other floorrenovations, etc.) and the applicant group may apply for extension.




3.8  If Hong Kong Observatory announces or predicts that the No. 8typhoon or black rainstorm warning will be issued, the rental will be cancelledautomatically. The ongoing activities will also be suspended immediately. Youcan apply for extension and all the paid fees will not be refunded.




3.9  If Hong Kong Observatory announced Typhoon No.3 signal or the RedRainstorm Warning, you must notify the Company within 2 hours of the effective timeof the warning (applicants can contact by any method except for telephonecalls)  If the cancellation notice of theapplication group has not been received within the time limit, it will bedeemed as scheduled, and all paid fees will not be refunded.




3.10  The company reserves the right to accept or reject any applicationand to revise the contents of this page at any time without prior notice. If wecancel your order, we will inform you by email.





4       Online registration for eachlanguage class




4.1  All courses are only allowed to be attended by you, you will not be allowedto attend or transfer any courses you are not apply for.




4.2  The fees you have paid will not be refunded except cancellation ofthe course by the company.




4.3  If the Observatory issues a Typhoon Siren (No. 8 or above) or aBlack Rainstorm Warning, the affected classes will be cancelled and postponedand the tuition fees will not be refunded. If the typhoon and rainstorm warningare lifted 2 hours before the class, the course will be continued as usual.




4.4  The Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions,tutor, class time and the instructions for admission. In case of any dispute,the company reserves the right of final decision.




4.5  If you are unable to attend the class schedule, you will be treatedas absent. However, classroom recording services are available. You must informthe school staffs to rearrange your course. Recordings will be chargedseparately. Due to limited recording equipment, if multiple classes of studentsrequest recording at the same time, the recording will be arranged by the orderwhich they are asked first.




4.6  If the students registration of the course is less than 4, thecompany reserves the right to cancel or rearrange all courses.




4.7  The renewal of the course should be completed at the company within 7days before the end of the previous course (this website does not accept anyonline renewal). Otherwise, you are not allowed to enroll in the class yourequested.




5       Price and payment




5.1  All product orders, classroom rentals and course enrollment will besettled in Hong Kong dollars.




5.2  The company accepts Visa and MasterCard credit card payments. Bymaking your order, you authorize the Company to receive the credit card youhave specified in accordance with the amount of the product when accepting yourorder. The ownership of the product will not be transferred to you until thepayment is successfully received.




5.3  The Company uses third party payment services for onlinetransactions. Upon your order, you agree and accept that, restricted to itsterms and conditions, your credit card details will be collected, processed andretained by the Company. You agree and accept that you will be solelyresponsible for any loss in the conduct of your credit card transactions, andwe shall not be liable for any damages in whole or in part under anycircumstances.




5.4  The Company reserves the right to change the price and paymentmethod for online shopping at any time without prior notice.




6       Delivery




6.1  Except on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and when TyphoonWarning Signal No. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning is issued, the Companywill only deliver goods from specific areas in Hong Kong from Monday to Friday.We do not currently ship to remote areas and outlying islands. We reserve theright to refuse delivery at our sole discretion. You will receive the orderedproducts from our outlets and we will not accept cancellations or refunds toyou under any circumstances.




6.2  Unless otherwise specified, the company will deliver the orderwithin 2-3 working days of receiving your order.




6.3  Any time and date for sending the product, or the time required fordelivery, is an estimate only. You agree and accept that we will not acceptcancellations or refunds to you under any circumstances.




6.4  Upon receiving of the purchased product, you will become the ownerof the product and will bear the risk of holding the product at your own riskand the company will not be liable for their loss or damage.




7       Return, replacement or refund




7.1  If you find any problems with the product (not including the humanfactors caused by you), you must notify the company immediately. You mustsubmit your application within three working days after receiving the goods. Itis not acceptable to apply for overdue.




7.2  The return or replacement policy applies, including but not limitedto: (i) the product has not been used and is in the original condition,together with all parts and accessories supplied with the product, includinginstructions, certificates, labels, marks, consumables, bags. And the box; (ii)the packaging of the product must be in the state of delivery to you.




7.3  You agree and accept that whether the Company accepts productreplacement is rely on the availability of the inventory; and the return orreplacement of the product is at the sole discretion of the Company. Under nocircumstances will we be liable for damages incurred by you for any reason.




7.4  The product images on this website are for reference only. The picturesmay be different from the actual ones due to the quality of the pictures. Anyrelevant discrepancies will not be a reason to request a return and refund.




7.5  The company reserves the right to make the final decision for allreturns, replacements or refund requests.




8       Disclaimer and Limitation ofLiability




8.1  This website performs its obligations related to products andservices in accordance with these terms and conditions. We would only providereasonable service to related products. The Terms and Conditions do not containany content, waive or limit the death or personal injury caused by negligent,fraudulent or other applicable law that cannot be waived or restricted byapplicable law.




8.2  You are solely responsible for the risks of using the Service. Thecontent, products and services of this website are provided on an "asis" and "as available" basis. This website expressly disclaimsany express or implied warranties, including but not limited to commercialsuitability, fitness for a specific purpose, and rights not infringing thirdparties.




8.3  This website does not guarantee the following: (i) this website willmeet any of your requirements; (ii) this website is free from interference,timely delivery, security, or freedom from human or computer errors; (iii) useof this website The results obtained are correct or reliable.




8.4  You are solely responsible for the risks caused by any informationdownloaded or obtained through this website. You are solely responsible for anydamage or loss of data in any computer system caused by downloading ordownloading the information.




8.5  The advice and information you obtain from or through this website,whether written or oral, does not constitute any warranty as expressly providedby these terms and conditions.




8.6  You agree and accept that this website does not bear the loss  caused by the following reasons, includingbut not limited to profits, goodwill, use, loss of data or other intangiblelosses, and any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative Sexual orpunitive damages: (i) the use or unusable use of this website (ii) anyproducts, materials, information or services purchased or obtained through thiswebsite, or received messages, or substitutes derived from the transactionPurchase costs for products and services (iii) Unauthorized access oralteration of your transmissions or materials (iv) Statements or actions of anythird party on this website (v) This website (in these Terms and Conditions)Other matters that are expressly provided by other means.




9       Intellectual PropertyProtection




9.1  You agree and accept that the content displayed and provided on thiswebsite, including but not limited to: trademarks, logos, company names, texts,files, music, sound files, photos, videos, designs or advertising content, isonly available online. Browse and be protected by copyright, trademark, patentor other intellectual property laws.




9.2  Download of intellectual property rights is only allowed for privateor non-commercial use.




9.3  You must keep the complete content and strictly prohibit anyreproduction, reproduction, distribution or manufacture of works derived fromthe downloaded content unless receiving authorization of this website.




10   Legislation



10.1  The above terms and conditions is subject to the laws of the HongKong Special Administrative Region. You agree to be governed under theexclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.



10.2  The company reserves the right to terminate or change the aboveterms and conditions. In case of any dispute, our decision will be final anddecisive.