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Online Course Registration and Booking Regulaions

1. All courses are only allowed to be usedby classmates themselves. All courses are not allowed to be accompanied withrelatives or friends or transferred to third party.


2. The fees paid by the participants willnot be refunded except for the cancellation caused by the company.


3. If the Observatory issues a TyphoonSiren (No. 8 or above) or a black rainstorm warning, the affected classes willbe cancelled and postponed, and tuition fees will not be refunded. If thetyphoon and rainstorm warning are lifted 2 hours before the class, the coursewill be conducted as usual.


4. The company reserves the right to changethe terms and conditions, tutor, class time and the instructions for thisadmission. In case of any dispute, Stream of Wisdom Language Center reservesthe right of final decision.


5. To ensure students can complete the courseas scheduled, there will be a substitute teacher take place of the originalteacher if the original teacher unable to teach due to personal reason.


6. If the student fails to attend the classschedule, the company will treat as absent and there will be no substitute.However, classroom recording services are available. Students should inform theschool staffs to arrange beforehand. Recordings will be charged separately. Dueto limited recording equipment, if multiple classes of students requestrecording at the same time, the recording will be arranged by the order of applicationtime.


7. If the course registration or the numberof participants is less than 4, the company reserves the right to cancel or rearrangeall courses.


8. The renewal of the course should becompleted at the company store within one week after the completion of the previouscourse (online renewal is not accepted). Otherwise, it may not be possible toenroll in the class requested by the student.


9. If the course is cancelled due to the companyfactors, the cash payment will be refunded in full, and the credit card paymentwill be deducted from the bank administration fee of $30 to refund theremaining fee.